• Don't leave your assets unprotected.
    You need an inventory of your valuables that can survive any disaster.
    Don't leave your assets unprotected.
  • Are your pictures worth more than a thousand words?
    Make sure your Asset Inventory covers what your art is really worth.
    Insurance companies will bury you in paperwork.
  • We'll give you peace of mind.
    We not only create asset inventories, we keep them in the cloud where they can survive disasters.
    We'll give you peace of mind.

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Our Company ~ Our Promise to you

AssetShieldAssetShield was born out of the ashes of a preventable tragedy. Founder James Kober watched in horror as his neighbors battled with their insurance company after their house burned to the ground.

At a time when they needed support and guidance, they had to try to justify the price of their recently installed kitchen cabinets (all the receipts for the recently renovated kitchen were in the house when it burned down).

To add insult to injury, the insurance company disputed them on nitpicky details, requiring voluminous and confusing paperwork be filled out, involving detailed descriptions of priceless baseball memorabilia and a large collection of antiques and collectibles.

Unfortunately, the neighbors had to try to reconstruct these details from their traumatized memories, because all the records about these possessions had also been lost in the fire.

By the time the entire ordeal was over, the homeowners had spent a small fortune on legal fees, yet they never recouped the real value of their prized possessions. 

A publishing industry veteran for twenty-one years, James Kober has a keen interest in relational databases and taxonomy. He founded AssetShield so that others would not have to experience the same pain he watched his neighbors suffer.

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How We Take a Home Inventory

Step 1
How the Asset Shield Process Works

The first step is for us to do an estimate of the size of the asset inventory we are going to create. We will send over a photographer and an inventory specialist to go over your property and do a preliminary photographic and spatial assessment. (Read more...)

Step 2
How We Build Your Asset Inventory

Let us do the tedious, demanding, exacting work that will give you peace of mind. After we’ve done our preliminary consultation with you, we follow a carefully crafted process to inventory your possessions. (Read more...)

Step 3
What to Expect from AssetShield

We know that a big part of why you are hiring us is to save your own valuable time – but in the initial stages, we will need to have brief consultations with you to ensure that we’re getting all the things that matter to you most. (Read more...)

Step 4
How to Use Our Secure Server

After we've completed your inventory, follow these instructions to review a print a copy of your asset inventory. (Read more...)

Step 5
How We Keep Your Inventory Safe: The Technical Details

We don’t want to overwhelm our customers with a lot of technical jargon and internet security specifications that can sound like gobbledygook. But we want to be completely open and transparent about what we are doing behind the scenes to ensure that your crucial information is absolutely safe and secure. (Read more...)


QuotesWhen we come in and inventory your assets, and then store them in our secure database, we ensure that you will never have to struggle to answer questions and fill out forms at a time when you are your most vulnerable. quots- James Kober,
President, AssetShield

Free QuoteGet your inventory done
before it's too late.